Fundraising that’s Easy and a Proven Success!

eScrip offers the best vehicle for simple, year-round fundraising. eScrip streamlines the whole fundraising process and puts everyone — the organization, the kids, their parents, and the community — in the winner’s circle.

eScrip is proven to be a fantastic resource for fundraising where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ ATM card purchases to the school, group or organization of your choice. These small earnings add up to about $1000 a month to the school so your participation is crucial. Schools that are really effective in registering for eScrip programs receive over $4000 a month.

This is one of our most effective fundraisers and requires only that you register your existing grocery card (Safeway) online. If you shop at Macy’s please also register your Macy’s card or Macy’s Visa. Please note that your participation in eScrip does not take away any discount or savings you receive for using the loyalty card.

We need all Families to change the beneficiary to Wells Middle School. For those wanting to go the extra step, you can encourage friends, neighbors and other family members to enroll in the eScrip program as Wells Middle School (6800 Penn Drive, Dublin, CA). Our Group ID number is 158434606.

Here’s how it works

You register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program.
Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.
Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your child’s behalf!
Please go to to register . On the main page click on “Step 1. Sign Up- It’s Free”. Select the group(s) to be beneficiary.

On the next page enter Wells Middle School in the search box.

Continue registration with your information on the subsequent pages.