School News for September 28, 2015

The PFC needs you!

Just a reminder that the PFC funds many supplies and activities benefiting the students of Wells. We cannot do that without your support, and we increased our recommended donation to $1 per day, or $180 per year. We understand that this is not feasible for all families, but we do appreciate anything you may be able to do. You can donate through the “donate” button on our new website.

Wheels offers Fare Buster ride passes, which you can purchase at the Student Window or order via mail, by phone, or at several locations in the Tri-Valley. Information on these can be found here . The passes are a 10 ride sheet for $16.

The PFC has launched a new website and Facebook group, and invite you to join us there. If you know of families not receiving these, please have them go to our new website.

The PFC Wants you!

We are currently looking for a Co-Secretary and Vice President. The responsibilities of each position can be found in section 7.3 of the PFC Bylaws, here .

From The Office

The UPSTANDER CLUB meetings are moving to Tuesday in Room H-12! Come work together with other Roadrunners to make positive changes our campus needs! If you missed last week’s meeting and you are still interested, please come join us! Please bring your completed applications, too!
Color Guard Practice: Every Tuesday – 3:25 to 4:30, Every Thursday – 4:00 to 5:30. *
*Unless notified by Mr. Bertelson or Mr. Everts of a change.
Drum Line Practice: Every Tuesday – 3:30 to 5:30, Every Thursday – 3:30 to 4:30.*
*Unless notified by Mr. Bertelson or Mr. Everts of a change.

Make-up picture day will be Thursday during your PE class. If you need a picture packet they are at the student window.