School News December 7th, 2015

Are you an 8th Grade Parent?

If you would like to help out with the 8th Grade Dance in June, you can sign up by selecting the Volunteer tab on our web site, or sending an e-mail to Jeannine at

The PFC needs you!

We are still looking for a Vice President. The responsibilities of each position can be found in section 7.3 of the PFC Bylaws, here . If you are interested or have any questions, contact Jeannine Happ at

The PFC, relies on your donations to fund the Library, Band, Athletics and Enrichment. ANY amount helps, just use the button on our new website .

As a thank-you, we are giving a Car Magnet to all families who donate $50 or more through the school year!

The PFC has launched a new website and Facebook group, and invite you to join us there. If you know of families not receiving these, please have them go to our new website.

From The Office

Math Volunteers Needed!

Starting Tuesday, we’re making some adjustments to Academic Prep. as follows:

Three minutes before Academic Prep begins, an announcement will be made over the intercom to take out the Minder Binder and open it to the current day.

One minute before 2nd period ends, students with a RED stamp will be dismissed to the AP and they MUST attend.

When the bell rings all remaining students will be dismissed to AP.

When walking to AP, your student must have their Minder Binder in hand and open to the current day so that administrators and campus supervisors can verify AP status. If they do NOT have their Midnder Binder, instead of going to AP they will go to the office and receive a consequence. Also, if they are RED STAMPED and they do not go the assigned AP, they will receive a consequence. We are making these adjustments son that we can better track who is going where, and ensure that students are where they need to be. THANK YOU for your help in making this change!

CJSF applications are due by the end of the day today in the counseling office.

Save your Box Tops. You can turn the at the Student Window.


ASB Holiday Store starts Monday and goes all the way until December 18th. Leadership will be selling lots of different gifts for you, your friends and your family. The items won’t be too expensive, so we hope to see you there!
Leadership will be having a series of Lunchtime Activities this week. Tuesday, compete with your other classmates. You could get to stack four cups on top of each other with paper in between them! On Wednesday, practice unwrapping presents by unwrapping several boxes to win a prize! On Thursday, Test your football hiking skills!
Our “Oh What A Night” dance will be on Friday. Tickets will be sold for $5.00 at the Lunch Pavilion at lunch and after school Monday-Thursday .On Friday, tickets will be sold at the Student Window at lunch only. We will not be doing wristbands for the dance this year, so in order to enter the dance your student will need their student ID and a signed permission slip. If they did not receive an ID card, come to the Student Window to pick it up. If lost, it can be replaced for $5.00 at the Student Window. Monday we will be delivering permission slips during 4th period, or they are available at the Student Window.
Leadership and Go Greener would like to remind EVERYONE at Wells to dispose of your trash, paper, and cans the proper, WELLS way. You will find three bins outside at lunch, each for a certain type of trash. The BLUE bins are for recyclable cans and bottles, such as Gatorade and water bottles, and aluminum cans like Switch.The YELLOW bin is for compostable items – things that will rot, including napkins, apple cores, leftover pizza, cardboard with food stains, and other food items. The GRAY bin is for everything else, like juice boxes, chip bags and candy wrappers – AKA trash! And NOTHING belongs on the ground! Leaving your stuff on the tables for someone else to clean up is not cool. BE COOL; DON’T TRASH YOUR SCHOOL!!!!