Wells PFC Donations

we need you

You can donate online at www.wellspfc.org.  Every dollar counts, and we need your dollars to keep up the good work!

As many of you know, the state of California has changed the way our schools are funded, and as a result, Wells and the DUSD as a whole have seen significant budget cuts.   Your Wells Parent Faculty Club (PFC) is doing our best to fill in those gaps, so our students have the opportunities to thrive!

  Here are some of the extras we fund throughout the year:

– Assemblies:  $3,200

– Student planners:  $4,600

– Library books:  $7,000

– Student of the month/quarter:  $2,000

– Character Education program:  $1,000

– Scholastic magazine subscriptions for CORE:  $3,500

– Hospitality committee (takes care of our staff!):  $3,500

– STIPENDS for ALL teachers:  $11,000

Total:  Over $35,000!!  And we cover many more programs and activities.

As parents ourselves, thank you so much for any support you can provide to our children!

– Your Wells PFC Board